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Symposium P
Novel Solution Processes for Nano- / Biomaterials


  • K. BYRAPPA, University of Mysore, India
  • Lin-Yue Lanry YUNG, National University of Singapore, Singapore


  • Masahiro YOSHIMURA, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
  • T.K. Thanh NGUYEN, University College London, United Kingdom
  • Tadafumi ADSCHIRI, Tohoku University, Japan


  • Prof K. Byrappa, University of Mysore, India
    Email: kbyrappa@gmail.com
    Tel: +91-9845274072
    Fax: +91 821 2515346
    Mailing Address:
    Materials Science Center
    N.C.H.S. Building, PB No.21
    MYSORE, India 570006

Scope of Symposium

  • Fundamental study of nucleation and growth of nanocrytals from solutions.
  • CBD, Soft Solution Processing,  Solution Plasma Processing, etc for biomaterials processing.
  • High temperature solution methods.
  • Hydrothermal / Solvothermal reactions for nanomaterials processing. 
  • Hydrothermal synthesis, Hydrothermal processing, Solvothermal reactions, Solvothermal synthesis, Ammonothermal synthesis, Glycothermal synthesis, Hydrothermal epitaxy, Geothermal reactor, HIP.
  • Supercritical Fluid Technology (SCF) for materials processing, SCF technology for materials recycling, Green chemical processing, Nanohybrid and composite materials.
  • Mechanochemical, Sonochemical, Microwave, Electrochemical processing of materials.
  • Biomimitic processes, Nature inspired processing techniques, Bio-inspired  functional nano- /biomaterials processing.
  • Solution processing of nanostructures - thin films, non-spherical nanoparticles (nanorods, nanotubes, nanocubes )
  • Sol-gel technology for nano- / biomaterials.
  • Multi-Energy Solution Processing of nano- / biomaterials.
  • Inorganic nanostructures fabrication, Nanostructures and nanohybrid composites for various applications including gas sensors and biomedical applications.
  • Thermochemical modeling.
  • Novel methods of materials processing for biosensors, bioimaging and biophotonics applications.
  • Self-assembly, Templating.
  • Surface modification -  in situ or ex situ.
  • Hydrothermal and Solvothermal Carbon nanoforms for medical applications.
  • Novel techniques of processing of functional materials - nanoscale films, Nanoprobes and Nanocarriers for Biological Imaging.
  • Novel solution processing of patterning and manufacturing of nanomaterials for next generation displays.
  • Novel solution processing of nanomaterials for water purification and effluent treatment.
  • Solution processing of negative index nanomaterials – from microwave to optical.
  • Novel solution processing of biodegradable and biocompatible materials.
  • Solution processing of nanoparticles from fabrication to clinical applications.
  • Nanobiomolecular assembly
  • Biofunctionalisation of nanomaterials
  • Toxicity of nanomaterials

Invited Speakers

  • T. ADSCHIRI, Tohoku University, Japan ( Abstract )
  • Sylvie BEGIN-COLIN, University of Strasbourg, France ( Abstract )
  • K. BYRAPPA, University of Mysore, India ( Abstract )
  • Nadine CANDONI, University of Marseille, France ( Abstract )
  • Ranganathaiah CHIKKAKUNTAPPA, University of Mysore, India ( Abstract )
  • Cloete T EUGENE, Stellenbosch University, South Africa ( Abstract )
  • Hirotaka FUJIMORI, Yamaguchi University, Japan ( Abstract )
  • Motonobu GOTO, Nagoya University, Japan ( Abstract )
  • Pawan KHANNA, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology (DIAT), India ( Abstract )
  • Edward LESTER, Nottingham University, United Kingdom ( Abstract )
  • Jiunn-Der LIAO, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan ( Abstract )
  • Shyam MOHAPATRA, University of South Florida, Tampa, United States ( Abstract )
  • Subhra MOHAPATRA, University of South Florida, United States ( Abstract )
  • Abel MORENO, Laboratorio Bioquímica, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico , Mexico ( Abstract )
  • Atsushi MURAMATSU, Tohoku University, Japan ( Abstract )
  • Ivan PARKIN, University College of London, United Kingdom ( Abstract )
  • Christian REY, CIRIMAT, University of Toulouse, UPS, UMR CNRS, Toulouse, France ( Abstract )
  • Richard E. RIMAN, Rutgers University , United States ( Abstract )
  • G. SANKAR, University College of London, United Kingdom ( Abstract )
  • Andrew SMITH, University of Illinois, United States ( Abstract )
  • Kohei SOGA, Tokyo University of Science, Japan ( Abstract )
  • Nguyen TK THANH, University College of London, United Kingdom ( Abstract )
  • Sabino Veintemillas VERDAGUER, Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid C.S.I.C., Department of Biomaterials and bioinspired Materials, C/ Sor Juana Inés de La Cruz 3 Cantoblanco 28049, Spain ( Abstract )
  • Christoph WALTI, University of Leeds, United Kingdom ( Abstract )
  • Tomoaki WATANABE, Meiji University, Japan ( Abstract )
  • Lan XIANG, Tsinghua National University, China ( Abstract )
  • Masahiro YOSHIMURA, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan ( Abstract )