Symposium U
Mechanical Behavior of Micro- and Nano-Scale Systems


  • Kaiyang ZENG, National University of Singapore, Singapore


  • Zhong CHEN, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • Ming DAO, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • Upadrasta RAMAMURTY, Indian Institute of Science, India
  • Yongwei ZHANG, National University of Singapore, Singapore


  • Kaiyang ZENG
    Department of Mechanical Engineering,
    National University of Singapore,
    9 Engineering Drive 1, 117576, Singapore
    Tel: (65) 65166627, Fax: (65) 67791459

Scope of Symposium

With ever-increasing miniaturization and the prominence of nano-scale materials and systems for engineering, functional and biological applications, understanding of the mechanical behavior of the nano- and micro-scale materials/systems becomes critical to the technological progress. Issues concerning mechanical response and reliability pervade wide ranging areas, from bulk materials to thin films, from crystalline materials to amorphous materials, from monophase materials to advanced composite materials, from thin films in microelectronic circuits, displays, MEMS/NEMS to coatings for wear resistance or thermal protection. The techniques that are developed for these purposes, such as the micro-mechanical testing, nanoindentation, Atomic Force Microscopy, continuum mechanics modeling and molecular level modeling also enable the study of some fundamental aspects of mechanical behavior of materials at nano to micron levels. Examples include deformation and fracture of biological materials, amorphous metals, interfaces, polymer-based composites and so on.

This symposium is a continuation of the successful symposium in ICMAT 2005, it aims to bring together active researches working on various experimental and modeling aspects of mechanical behavior of nano- and micro-systems, advanced materials, thin films, and biological materials together to discuss the current status and identify future research opportunities.

Manuscripts and Proceedings

The peer-reviewed papers of the symposium will be published in a special issue in International Journal of Modern Physics B (IJMPB) by World Scientific in 2010.

  • The registered participants of the symposium will get a copy of the special issue after it published.
  • Please visit the IJMPB Journal Website to download the template.
  • The papers should be no more than 8 journal pages.
  • Paper Submission details will be posted in due course.