Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submission - CLOSED

Online Submission Closed on 28 February 2009 (12 midnight, Singapore Time, +GMT08:00)

For assistance, please contact the secretariat at:


  1. Each author can submit up to two (02) abstracts for invited, oral or poster presentations. The system would automatically remove the link for another submission once you have submitted two (02) abstracts as a presenting author.
  2. The above author is expected to be the registered participant of the conference.
  3. Each registration is entitled to two (02) presentations (oral or poster) at the conference.
  4. The above author can be a co-author of any number of abstract provided he/she is NOT the presenting author.

Abstract Format

  1. You will be requested to enter your anstract into a text box provided by the online submission system
  2. To access the submission system, you have to create an account as per stated in the "Abstract Submission Procedure" section below.
  3. The maximum number of words allowed per abstract is 500.
  4. You may wish to download the abstract template (in MS WORD format) to prepare your abstract, and then copy and paste the content into the submission text box. To download template, CLICK HERE
  5. No figures, tables, images or references should be inserted.
  6. Acknowledgement (if any), should be appended at the end of the abstract, in Times, italics,font size 10.

Abstract Submission Procedure

(Please read carefully before you proceed to submit your abstract)
  1. Click on the link below to access the online submission system webpage.
  2. You have to create a login ID by clicking on the “Create Account” button, followed by completing the online form.
  3. An account will be created for you, and the account details sent to you by email instantaneously.
  4. You can then login to proceed with the submission of your abstract.
  5. The submission process starts with clicking on the button "Create Submission" and following through the 4 steps:

    Step 1: Submit Abstract / Keyword(s) / Presentation Information

    Step 2: Add Affiliation(s)

    Step 3: Add Author(s)

    Step 4: Confirm Submission

  6. Instructions for each step are listed on the submission system’s web-page, please read carefully before proceeding to the next step.
  7. Please note that abstracts that do not conform to the prescribed format will not be accepted for review.
  8. An email will be sent to you upon successful submission of your abstract.
  9. You may edit your abstract any time before the stipulated submission deadline or the assignment of your abstract for review (whichever comes earlier). You will need your User ID and your Password to re-enter the system to edit your abstract.
  10. Please keep a record of your submission ID. You will need it to communicate with the conference secretariat about your submission.


  • This system requires use of a web browser that supports JavaScript and HTML.
  • For the best results, we recommend the latest version of INTERNET EXPLORER
  • Please also ensure that your brower's pop-up blocker is disabled or set to "Medium" level.

  • Go to "Tools" -> "Pop-up Blocker" -> "Pop-up Blocker Settings", set "Filter Level" to "Medium" and make sure the "Show Information Bar when a pop-up is blocked" is checked.
  • In addition, it is important that your browser's cache function be set to constantly refresh the pages. Your IT/IS department should be able to help you.


  • If you have any difficulty with the submission process, please contact the secretariat at:
  • Please be sure your message contains your name, phone, fax and e-mail and an explanation of the problem.
  • Technical Support is only available between 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (+08:00 GMT), Mondays to Fridays.