ICMAT 2003 Secretariat
Materials Research
Society (Singapore)
c/o Institute of Materials
Research & Engineering
3 Research Link
Singapore 117602
Tel: (65) 6874 1975
Fax: (65) 6777 2393


1. Phaedon AVOURIS
Nanometer Scale Science & Technology IBM Research Division
T.J. Watson Research Center, New York, USA
Title: Carbon Nanotube Electronics and Electro-Optics

2. L. Eric CROSS
Pennsylvania State University, USA
Title: Progress, Prospects and Problems in Advanced material for Dielectric,
Piezoelectric and Electro-optic Applications

3. Jim Von Ehr II
Zyvex Corporation, USA
Title: Nanotechnology is No Small Thing

4. Alan S. HOFFMAN
University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Title: Smart Polymers and Smart Proteins - A Really Smart Pair!

5. Christian JOACHIM
CEMES-CNRS, Cedex, France
Title: Nanoscale Molecular Machine

6. Klaus Von KLITZING
Nobel Laureate in Physics
Max-Planck-Institut FKF, Germany
Title: Quantum Phenomena in Nanostructures - A Modern Research Field

7. Harry W. KROTO
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
University of Sussex, UK
Title: 2010, NanoSpace Odyssey

8. Marshall STONEHAM
University College London, UK
Title: Challenges and Opportunities of Nanoscience

9. Masahiro YOSHIMURA
Center for Materials Design, Materials and Structures Laboratory
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, JAPAN
Title: How, Why, and Which Ceramic Materials Have Been Developed?
And Where They Will Go?


Public lectures will be held in the campus of the National University of Singapore. Those interested in attending these lectures are to indicate their intention while registering for the conference. Necessary transportation arrangements will be made to make it convenient for
conference participants to attend public lectures. Light refreshments will be provided.
1. Klaus von KLITZING
Nobel Laureate in Physics, Max-Planck-Institue FKF, Germany
Title: The Most Interesting Aspects of the Quantum Hall Effect
2. Harry W. KROTO
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, University of Sussex, UK
Title: Science, Society and Sustainability
Programme is subject to change